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Только медийное адаптивное




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Джеймс 1:17. [TagsToTranslate] LITECOIN

Только медийное адаптивное
Интересное  Почему Рипл вырос? Ripple на луну& XRP&R3
Только медийное адаптивное
Только медийное адаптивное
31 Комментарии
  1. marco flores говорит

    i think litecoin will go back down to around that 30-40 dollar mark before it takes off again

  2. Chris Wood говорит

    Atomic swaps. Lightning network mimble wimble Ltc could be the bargain of the century.

  3. Kleem 729 говорит

    I think we will break out

  4. Alan Maciel говорит

    I want to see $30 dollar litecoin 😊

  5. ANTHONY NOVELLI говорит

    Looks like we will test the previous lows before we start an uptrend. We just need to see where we break the triangle

  6. Ricardo Daniel Rivera говорит

    It will take 5 years to see real implementation the mimble

  7. Ricardo Daniel Rivera говорит

    The price will fallow Bitcoin I guess

  8. R James говорит

    Miami Dolphins Łitecoin sponsored game v Washington Redskins 🏇🏻 this weekend. Łitecoin name up in lights again in the NFL 🏈

    October Łitecoin Summit with Tim Draper, Ron Paul, Ben Askren 🤼‍♂️ and CJ Sapong of Chicago Fire ⚽️ closing in fast. Many other big crypto names will be there."

  9. pgmessage говорит

    If LTC BREAKS out all the ATS BREAK UP. but BNB determines the market trend. So watch BNB for the present. We are at A CRITICAL LEVEL iIf BNB FALLS to $14.30 less… Sell everything btc is going to go very low. … But 8900-9000 is still possible… Then hoping for 12500?

  10. DJ239 говорит

    It's bitcoin keeping litecoin and rest of the market down.

  11. mackelby1 говорит

    All good for we accumulators.

  12. Dron K говорит

    If LTC dumps to around .786, maybe slightly lower, creating a lower low, there will be bullish divergence on daily MACD, and most likely RSI.

  13. Scott Kidd говорит

    Thanks for everything you do Chris, hope the family is well man 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  14. Allen Ellis говорит

    Thank you Chris!

  15. Allen Ellis говорит

    I will set my alert around the 49 to 50 dollar area to load up one last time before the huge run up!

  16. Jack June говорит

    I’m fairly new here. It sounds like you know what you’re talking about on the charts and I see nothing butpositive responses on the comments. But I, who have held light coin for a while now and of course I’m down, I’m losing confidence in Ltd. I don’t know if it’s the FUD or that I don’t hear anything that light coin is doing that positive can anyone help me out and give me some encouragement. Compared to others like XRP that I hear about that they’re doing so much I don’t hear a thing about light coin.

  17. Robert Jones говорит


  18. Önder Mehmet ÖZBEK говорит

    Thanks man

  19. Nathan Martin говорит

    Still looks like a wave 2 until proven otherwise… Also, it is correctly drawn as a falling wedge, meaning odds are high that it will break the descending trendline. If it were to break the prior low, then it would be an A-B-C correction and a tremendous buying opportunity either way.

  20. rareasfunk говорит

    spot the trades, accumulate repeat!! just bagged 35 ltc against bnb this morning took about a week but could see it in the charts…

  21. Ash Cloud говорит

    HEX will annihilate everything. The return and staking function outdoes every other crypto

  22. Geoff Cree говорит

    Thx brother…I’m down about 30pc on my holdings since July. I’m not sure about the long term fundamentals of this coin. Seriously thinking dumping taking loss and put funds into BTC.

  23. Johnny Martinez говорит

    100 % BULL SHIT.

  24. Michael Greene говорит

    Hey Chris love your content! You've really helped me lock in some gains and accumulate more ltc! Thanks for keeping your TA so simple and easy to follow. You make good sense of an incredibly over-complicated art. I think the next leg up for btc will be concurrent with alt season. It looks to me like this recent leg down for btc was big on accumulation of alts (some big buys at those bottoms). Check out the PPT/BTC weekly chart. Looks pretty tasty. I know there's a heap of controversy around PPT but from a TA perspective that chart looks like a wet dream to me. I'm gonna get in early with a tight stop and see what happens. All the best to you and everyone following you, and I hope your puppy is resting well up above!

  25. ewmism говорит

    imo another low before break much much higher

  26. Paul Smith говорит

    I'm concerned, litecoin is in crisis, there's been issues with the developer base (which Charlie tried to make excuses for), Litecoin foundation is running (or has run) out of money.. I do like Litecoin, but the news hasn't been at all good

  27. Andre de Jong говорит

    Litecoin has a big chance be a success, but I am very bullish about these projects Digibyte, Apollo, Credit, Wavesbet and U Network.- the future is really bright.

  28. Recycled Memes говорит

    Hi Chris
    What do you think of ripple at the moment. Broke out of its huge triangle on the 1 day chart… I think because this is such big resistance it will very soon fall. Ripple never holds its gains for more than a couple days 🙁

  29. Charles Israel говорит

    Awesome breakdown Chris. Just being patient because it will eventually go up to $100 or even more. 🤞🏿

  30. Yaron Russo говорит

    Market reversal. Bottoms are most probably in. My opinion based on the charts.

  31. Edgarv68 говорит

    Litecoin is losing money on T shirt sales! Wow, what a shitcoin. I would get out if I was you guys

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