Только медийное адаптивное
Только медийное адаптивное




Не финансовый совет!
Развлечения только! . [TagsToTranslate] LITECOIN [т] #BITCOIN [т] #BTC [т] #BTCNEWS [т] #BITCOINNEWS [т] #LTC [т] #LITECOIN [т] #XRP [т] #XRPNEWS [т] #Crypto НОВОСТИ

Только медийное адаптивное
Только медийное адаптивное
19 Комментарии
  1. Questions Answers говорит

    R.I.P Litecoin.

  2. Ty Jeff говорит

    waiting for your videos man..thanks so much and praying for you w your dog. We lost our 16 year old lab a few months ago. It gets better with time

  3. Timothy Sebolatan говорит

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  4. Andrew WoodMan говорит

    Thanks for your thoughts on these! Have a great day!

  5. S Women говорит

    Hi Chris, I want to wish a lot of strength on this sad day. 😘

  6. famQnielsen говорит

    THANK YOU! You are a blessing… Praying for u and your family.

  7. kim mugele говорит

    God-bless you Chris in your family during this difficult difficult time. Fur babies are very much part of our family. Hugs

  8. Bison News говорит

    Timothy Sabolatan is an XRP bot

  9. Adam 78 говорит

    The problem with charts they don't take in all the factors and global details. Sorry to hear about your pet.

  10. Dee L говорит

    Tough. may respect and blessings.

  11. Wayne Arndt говорит

    Praying for your family during this hard time. As always thanks for the update chris.

  12. R James говорит

    Bitcoin and Łitecoin reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track…….🏇🏻….🌤

    Next Litecoin sponsored NFL game v Washington Redskins this Sunday. Łitecoin name up in lights at Miami Hard Rock Stadium yet again 🐬

  13. citizen employed говорит

    god bless chris, family time is the best time 😀 thanks for your time especially on a tough day like this

  14. Geoff Cree говорит

    Thinking of you buddy. Take care.

  15. Phillip Bakic говорит

    Sorry to hear about your dog bro. I’m sure she had a good life. 20 years is quite a run!

  16. David Brito говорит

    Chris, I'm one of your biggest fans. I try never to comment on Youtube, but I have to send my deepest condolences from myself and my wife on the passing of your best friend. The dog in the thumbnail was my constant companion until the morning of August 26. She got up in the middle of the night and seemed like something was bothering her. By the time the sun came up, she died in my arms while I cried that I loved her. This was our second generation of dogs, and I always wondered after we had put down the first generation would sudden death be easier to deal with. I can tell you now with experience that there is no easy way to part with your best friend. By the way, she had just turned eight years old, and we suspected nothing.

  17. daniel rickerbaker говорит

    Timothy s. Stop scamming people!!

  18. daniel rickerbaker говорит

    Stop scamming people!!

  19. marco flores говорит

    hey chris would you recommend going long with xrp?

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