Только медийное адаптивное
Только медийное адаптивное

Держатели биткойнов: не поддавайтесь на лжецы | Новости криптовалюты


Держатели биткойнов: не поддавайтесь на лжецы | Новости криптовалюты
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Только медийное адаптивное
Только медийное адаптивное
36 Комментарии
  1. CryptosRUs говорит

    Check out my car review channel Drivers Only: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIaT-n9zE44QLTIwFq1xldQ | Latest Review: 2020 Ford F150 Raptor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYJMyKHLPeI

  2. SHAZOM говорит

    You forgot the thanksgiving pump,.

  3. Bruce Burger говорит

    I love the fiat fud! 🥰📉🐻

  4. Rohit Chowdhary говорит

    Questions for you:. Once the Recession hits ….and people have less to spend …..what will happen to Bitcoin price?????

  5. Victor Henriquez говорит

    That will be big for XRP, so sell if they decide to come on . Every time good news comes for XRP price goes down.

  6. Jenny Baker говорит

    Of course I have an opinion on this new time slot. Being on pst your 11am was my 9am which is when my work day starts and was the perfect time to click your vid. Now you want to do it at 7am pst.. yeah.. idk about that George. Now my crypto news is 2 hours old before I get to watch it. Don't you enjoy having some time to prepare for your videos in the morning? What's the rush?

  7. 707Vegan говорит

    Good morning George!

  8. 707Vegan говорит

    Haha I love it when I find $ in my sock drawer i forgot about!

  9. Michael Peric говорит

    the injection of 30 bil is not equal with buying bitcoin george! It would be equal as the gov. would "make" a few tousand bitcoin over night and injected it in the market. The value of bitcoin would shrink like the fiat currencys….

  10. Robert Rawlings говорит

    I keep it all the way real I like bitcoin that’s it lol I been saying that

  11. The Nerd Robert говорит

    BNB: 1000USD in 2021

  12. Duarte говорит

    Look. The internet brought the possibility of fast and huge information. Everybody knows now that buy low and sell high is better. And there are charts online that say that whales are buying alt coins. For me. That’s crap. If it was that easy everybody would buy and hold

  13. Phil B говорит

    Less Mr Mnuchin , more Mrs Mnuchin !

  14. Carlos Amoros говорит

    Again, you missunderstood the news where BAT creator caught google spying on clients… those weren’t chrome users he was toking about…. he caught google spying on Brave users, even with all their security. Brave is based off of chromium. Google can still track them, they just don’t know your name, but they can know traffic. This is a problem all Brave forks also have, like dissenter. Even Tor has this problem. Safest browser out there is bittube browser.

  15. Wounded Warr1or говорит

    Market price action now reminds me of right where it was this time in 2017; well, except for Ethereum was $300 bucks then; but BTC was $5k, then around turkey day everything exploded; for now it is challenging to be bullish while still under the 200 simple moving average; my best bet is we will see another leg down first; unless we get above $9,400 BTC. For now I will just watch a 21 ema & 10 sma as it gives good signals to call longs or shorts on the daily chart.


  16. trey trey говорит

    Everybody is corrupt.

  17. Austin говорит

    When TESLA :)))

  18. Edwin Brouwer говорит

    did I hear: The New York FUD? How fitting!

  19. med bouchetta говорит

    I remember two years back when the boss of JPMorgan calling BTC buyers idiots…2 days later JPMorgan made the highest purchase of any crypto they could get their hands on….JPMorgan cleaned all shelves of the Stockholm Exchange, few days later BTC & Altcoins skyrocketed.
    The lawmakers are legally immune from prosecution when they do inside trading. But with crypto it's another ball game (prohibition=the sought after forbidden fruit & encouragement=pack of bulls storming wall street) , they resort to desinformation to lower the prices & buy cheap in big quantities. They simply don't have any other options. They tried everything ….even with shit-coins their plans didn't work.
    I'm keeping mine for the D-Day & will sell only when i need fiat for expenses.

  20. roger hill говорит

    wow, the new time slot is really bad ! I am still asleep at 9:00 am…..

  21. Physical Continuity Of the universe говорит

    Pump it George!

  22. MeowMeowKittyPoop говорит

    You said "This was just released" about Mnuchin, and the date is Jan 19 2017. Not saying it's okay at all, he's probably dirty AF- but that's not new.

  23. Armin Heinzmann говорит

    The one on the thumbnail is the worst enemy of middle class in the US … just saying …

  24. Crypto Baby222 говорит

    The Fed has been in Injecting probably over $1 trillion send end of September look at the repo market last night alone 75 billion

  25. Hellcat Crypto говорит

    Moon day!

  26. kurgon1976 говорит

    As a small BTC holder I feel like a battered house wife. 🙁

  27. Cryptoranium говорит

    @CryptosRUs, soooooo right, its stupid how fast people forget and fall into those traps.
    Does anyone remember all those fools calling BTC going to $800 — $1800 when we hit that $3100 in December 2018 ?
    did it ever happen ? NO !!! same as this call of BTC going to $4000 some fools saying $2000 and the ones that might be making the closest call is that $6300 — $7500 and that is also not looking like its going to happen.

    WAKE THE F !!!! UP PEOPLE !!!!

  28. AntiCommunist говорит

    Steve Munchkin HAS to be honorable. Any man who spends THAT much money on his trophy wife and who looks like that HAS to be kept honest by her.

  29. WebNet Marketing говорит

    Bitcoin did rise big 13.8k. Go alts

  30. paul lunney говорит

    im already all in cant buy any more i dont have any more money but im happy with how its gone so far, if we can eoy at 10k il be very happy

  31. F.A. J. говорит

    Say something about liveboot Sams wanna be intelligent stunt against Bitcoin.

  32. Graf von Rix говорит

    The truth about Bitcoin:

  33. donald trump говорит

    3 minutes thinks like me🤣😂😎

  34. George Beckman говорит

    Contact Nix at cryptonicnix@gmail.com or +14846192799 for your Bitcoin mining, thank me later.

  35. Michael Watson говорит

    Wonderfully insights 💥👌

  36. Anarchist Libertarian говорит

    Apparently what you shared about that mnuchin is Jan 2017 news.
    I don't care if people declare or not declare but I hate the double standards. I'm for anarchy but not for people that think that they have more rights than me and suppress the rest or try to(doesn't really work with me) . Fuck the governments

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