Только медийное адаптивное
Только медийное адаптивное




Не финансовый совет!
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Римлянам 10:13. [TagsToTranslate] LITECOIN

Только медийное адаптивное
Интересное  Время снова начать покупать биткойны? | Крипто Рынки
Только медийное адаптивное
Только медийное адаптивное
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  1. jacob avraam говорит


  2. R James говорит

    Reminder that next Bitcoin shirt sponsored Watford match live on Sky Sports worldwide against Chelsea this Saturday from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 English Prcmier League ⚽️

    Next Łitecoin sponsored NFL game v New York Jets 🏈 from Hard Rock Stadium Miami. Łitecoin name up in lights yet again.

  3. Максим Ратманов говорит

    Сделайте скриншот этого сообщения! Chainlink вырастет как минимум в 3 раза в 2019 году. Примите участие в программе airdrop linkdividend.на сайте есть возможность получать монеты бесплатно)

  4. pmosuprem0 говорит


  5. Charles Polidori говорит

    XRP has to break out soon!!

  6. Eskwyr говорит

    Good video, Chris, as always. Remember, though you like to use the EMA variant of the 200, a "Golden Cross" is the crossing of the 50MA upward and over the 200MA, NOT the 200EMA. That said, the Golden cross (50MA over the 200MA) already happened on the 4H @ 8am EST on October 27th. And, notice how price action started to decline within one day of that Golden Cross.

  7. Orchid Smith говорит

    Thank you for BTC — LTC — XRP updates. Would like ETH update as well if possible

  8. Alex Xander говорит

    XRP is just a money raising tool for ripple founders. Ripple network is where any potential value lies. Not the tokens themselves. That being said, happy to trade it to make a few dollars if a good entry can be found.

  9. ImZappix говорит


  10. قناة المعرفة و الترفيه 100% говорит

    لا أعرف عنك ، لكنني أحصل على تسع ساحات كاملة بخصوص عملة معدنية من Telegram GRAM on * telegramnews. معلومات *

  11. Jimmy Morgan говорит

    Huge fan of all of these 3 projects, but I'd love if you would dig down and take a look at the DEX projects out there, and how they are gonna revolutionize the way we trade moving forward. Recently digged down and did some research on Blocknet, a project I remember from 2017, as a major player. This bear market moved it down the ladder since a ton of ICO's was launched in the meantime, despite of this I still believe they will a major player moving forward.
    Looked into KMD, and BISQ as well, but I didn't really like the user experience.

    Great channel Chris, liked and subbed 🙂

  12. zappatx говорит

    That 4 Hour chart is powerful!! So much data can be seen. And you 8985 lower alert happens to be were the 200 crosses on the daily. Good call.

  13. Francesco Meneguzzi говорит

    The bottom is reached and corrected already, I feel IT! Look at the charts and the price action for the past two days! We will make big gains in the incoming parabolic move. Stack up guys, if you aren’t in already. Although this is NOT financial advice, $9,600 support is a really strong one and a point to buy-in. I fully agree with your analysis in this video, but I also wish to make it known that there is a signal program run by Mr. Ted Cardone which has helped me grow a meager 1 BTC into over 4 in the last 2 weeks due to his training style and also the accuracy of his signals. I am so appreciative of his help and would want to afford others the same opportunity. He can be reached via ( Tedcardone@gmailcom ) WhatsApp +44 7723516054 or Telegram @cardonecapitals for all forms of trade assist…

  14. Lino Rocha говорит

    What exchange are you using or is it trading view.

  15. ewmism говорит

    A fair analysis thanks.

  16. daniel rickerbaker говорит

    con artist —just below me! dont be fooled!!

  17. A K говорит

    Thanks for your great analysis! Your videos are awesome 🙂

  18. We The People говорит

    Btc $96450,My ta analysis indicates bch $30000,zec $8799 dcr 1500, xzc $1500, eth $6500 neo 950. I could be wrong.. I highly doubt it. Investment of a life time for the right people good luck all.

  19. ry car говорит

    Do you realize in the beginning of your videos when you say “Chris here”, you’re actually saying it like a question. Put some balls into it. “Chris here”!

  20. Leonard Gonzalez говорит

    Why do you trade XRP when it barely gives you penny? Perhaps to get subscribers. Guess I can't blame you.

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